Winter Floral Workshop

I recently attended a floral workshop through Bloom Flower School Ann Arbor. The focus was on creating winter wood box centerpieces. A perfect activity for a January evening!

The instructor, Tracy Swinburn of Red Poppy Floral Design, gave an overview and a quick demo using the materials, flowers, and foliage. Then everyone went off on their own to design and create their own masterpiece.

While this was not the first class I attended, it was the first one of this type, where we created an arrangement with essentially a flat surface. This made it a bit more challenging to get the design started. There was a huge variety of foliage and flowers to work with  including parrot tulips, privet, celosia, orchids, roses, ferns and more.

I focused on one corner of the box at a time, turning the box as I went. I started with the foliage, then added flowers I thought would look best. Since the orchids were shorter, we needed to place them near the front so they would be visible. I then moved inward. As I worked, I filled in gaps and empty areas with a mix of materials. Because this is a centerpiece, the arrangement has to look good on all sides.

At the end of the class it was fun to walk around and look at everyone’s designs. Each were so different but all beautiful.

Here is my finished product: 


From another angle: 


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