In the Name of Love – Floral Workshop

This past weekend, I attended a floral workshop organized and led by Madeline Bissonette, owner of Flora Detroit, and Martha DeFlorio, owner of Made Floral, at SOUQ Studio nestled in the heart of Detroit’s Eastern Market.

Upon arrival, attendees were greeted with a delicious spread of artisanal cheeses, gourmet jams, macarons, sparkling wine, and got to know one another before the workshop officially started.

Inspired by romantic blooms, we crafted arrangements with various textural components. Each person started by making a tape grid across their vessel. We then added individual items Martha and Madeline passed around. Flowers and foliage included eucalyptus, blush statice, majolica roses, white spray roses, leucadendron, tulips, campanula, pussy willow, ranunculus, and ivy. I rotated the vase as I added each ingredient, largely due to the fact that the arrangement was going on my dining room table and I wanted it to look good from all sides. My goal was to have a bouquet that was both loose and airy, so I had to prevent myself from adding flowers in every single possible area.

I learned a few things at this workshop:

  • The shape of the vase used is great if you want items spilling out of the top.
  • Tape grids can help to provide structure. This was noticeable after quite a few flowers had been added to the vase.
  • When working with roses, be extremely careful not to touch the petals too much or have items laying on top of them.
    • You’ll also know when a rose has been pressed or pushed, as their petals will turn brown.

I really enjoyed the workshop, the event space and its views of Eastern Market, and of course, meeting new friends and flower lovers! It was the perfect February afternoon in Detroit.










SOUQ Studio is also the home of Detroit Rose Candle Co. They had various candles lit around the space and on display for sale. I already own two of their candles, Campfire, which is my ABSOLUTE favorite scent, and Sage, which has a scent reminiscent of the holiday season. In addition to the new vase filled with flowers, everyone was given a Milk & Honey scented candle in a unique Depression glass vase to take home too. Milk & Honey has a clean, fresh fragrance, I cannot wait for it to fill my whole house with that gorgeous scent.


  1. April said:

    So you put the tape grid across the top of the vase? Very cool. Do you use a special kind of floral tape? This arrangement is probably one of my favorites that I’ve ever seen you post. Though honestly I think that to myself almost every time. So beautiful.

    February 10, 2016
    • thistleandvine said:

      Thank you, April! For the grid, we used waterproof floral tape (green), and placed one strip horizontally along the top and another piece vertically, essentially making four squares. The vase has to be dry along the top or else the tape won’t stick. I didn’t notice a difference at first with the tape, but as more things were added it helped to provide some additional structure. I really don’t think tape is necessary at all. It actually makes it harder to move things. For instance if you wanted to change the placement of a flower later on in the process, it can get caught on the tape.

      February 10, 2016

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