Making bouquets last longer

If you’ve received fresh flowers or have purchased some yourself, there are ways to extend the vase life so you can enjoy them longer. Follow these super simple tips!

Tip 1: Cut at least 1/4 inch off the stems at a 45 degree angle using sharp flower snips. For woody stems, make a 1-inch vertical cut along the stem too, this allows the flower to take in more water.

Tip 2: Remove any leaves/petals from stems that would touch the water’s surface. No foliage should touch the water.

Tip 3: Fill the vase with cold water AND use flower food packets that often come with bouquets. If you missed any leaves/petals from tip 2, be sure to remove them.

Tip 4: Replace the vase water every day or at least every other day.

Tip 5: Keep the bouquet out of direct sunlight.

Tip 6: When the bouquet has faded, scrub the vase with soap and water to remove any bacteria, so that future flowers can enjoy a clean vase.

Using these tips, here’s what my arrangement looked like on the day I put it together:


Here’s what it looked like on Day 8:

*Unfortuately the lighting wasn’t the same during this shot.


After this photo was taken, I removed some spent blooms of the ranunculus and the stock was getting a bit stinky, so it had to go. The alstroemeria and eucalyptus were hanging on pretty well, though. Overall, not too bad for an 8-day bouquet! I like to remove faded flowers and re-arrange the ones hanging on into smaller vases. Just because a few have died off doesn’t mean the entire bouquet has to go.

Vase life varies by flower-type, certainly not all can survive a week. Hopefully you’ll see a difference when following these tips!

Side note: I didn’t notice this in person, but with the photo comparison you can see that the stock flowers  (white flowers) have opened up more, compared to the first photo. How fun!


  1. Andrea said:

    Great tips – thank you!!

    February 12, 2016
    • thistleandvine said:

      …and thank you for reading, Andrea!


      February 12, 2016

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