I have a LOT of gardening books covering a wide-range of topics from flower arranging to propagation and everything in between. These are my go-tos.


garden bookBetter Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Gardening: My awesome mother-in-law gave me this book when I first got the gardening bug. I held her copy hostage, wore out the pages, bought her a new one, but still have the one she gave me. I seem to reference this book throughout the spring and summer. If you’re looking for flower ideas, it’s chock full of them. The material may be slightly outdated (it won’t have new flower varieties that have emerged over that past three decades), but I think the majority of the content is relevant today.

book 2

Month-By-Month Gardening in Michigan: If you don’t live in Michigan, don’t fret, there are probably similar guides for your state. I already found guides for Indiana and Ohio by conducting a quick search on Amazon. This book is fantastic because it does just what the title implies.  The book is divided into sections: lawns, roses, shrubs, perennials, herbs and vegetables, bulbs, annuals, trees, and vines, and more.  Simply navigate to the section you care about and the month you want to focus on. You’ll see a list of tasks that should be done during that timeframe. This book makes it extremely convenient to find the information you need. 

Weed bookWeeds of the Midwestern United States & Central Canada: Weeding is the worst, but pulling up plants that aren’t really weeds is even more awful, and pulling up weeds that are poisonous or can cause you physical harm trumps all. This guide will help you decipher if you’ve got a weed, a native plant, or non-weeds and how to properly dispose of them. If you don’t live in this region, you may be able to find a resource that focuses on the one where you reside.