Starting Seeds – An update

February was something fierce, I’ll tell you that straight up. Note to self and everyone else. I need to get the heck out of Michigan in mid-February and head for the tropics for at least a full week. After the mid-month mark, I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

While the snow was falling, I mustered up all my energy and tried to focused on Spring. As mentioned in an earlier post, I started a few seeds indoors around 10-12 weeks before the last frost date. Throughout the remaining weeks of February and into the first week of March, I’ve continued to focus on seed starting.

Because I’m such a nerd, I created a spreadsheet that includes information for all of the seeds I’ve purchased. Information captured includes:

  • Plant name
  • Date I planted seeds
  • Seeds started indoors or outdoors
  • How many weeks prior to last frost
  • Plant spacing
  • Plant height
  • Days to maturity
  • Soil conditions
  • Type of sun required
  • Seeds per packet


It’s helpful to see all of the information in one place so that I can devise an efficient seed starting schedule. I’ll also reference these details when designing the raised planters and garden plan.

At this point, I’ve also planted these additional seeds indoors:

  • Sweet pea ‘Blue Vein’
  • Love in a Puff
  • Sweet pea ‘Perfume Delight’
  • Rocket snapdragons
  • Chantilly snapdragons
  • Cerinthe

I reviewed my supplies, made a list of things I am going to need over the next month or so, and placed an order for more seed starting soil, peat pots for sweet peas (they require starting in deep pots to support root growth), seed cell packs, and another grow light.

The Sea Holly seedlings were moved to a colder room, per the instructions, and they seem to be doing well.


Dusty Miller seedlings were quick to start but have been slow to grow further.


Sweet Pea vines are looking amazing!


The tiniest snapdragon seeds have sprouted!


Most importantly, we successfully turned the dining room into a greenhouse and I have shown superwoman-like strength in resisting starting all of the seeds earlier than what is recommended. Hooray to me!

One of the biggest lessons learned so far is to only water seedlings when the soil feels dry. Another lesson that I’ll apply in the near future is to pre-soak peat pots prior to filling with soil and seeds.

Lastly, more seeds are on their way! I inadvertently won an Instagram contest by using hashtags to support Floret’s new seed line, so they’re sending a goody bag with more seeds. Now I’m off to find more room in this tiny house where we can plant them.

Are you growing anything? If so, please share how things are going!

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