If you’ve received fresh flowers or have purchased some yourself, there are ways to extend the vase life so you can enjoy them longer. Follow these super simple tips! Tip 1:…

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You may not have guessed this just yet, but I’m the type of person who loves having fresh flowers in the house, preferably year-round. Our garden pumps out blooms from mid-spring through the first hard frost, which is nice for decorating, but November thru March are unaccounted for. It’s during this time that I try to find seasonal items to purchase at reasonable prices (I’m not a crazy person) for an extra pick-me-up during those cold months.

I often overlook those bouquets that have a mix of blooms already, opting instead for bunches of flowers containing a single variety and then combining the different varieties together on my own. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a pre-packaged bouquet. You can actually create different looks when going this route. Here are a few examples, all made from two identical bouquets I purchased. I also spent less than $20 on the two bouquets and the ranunculus (bonus!).

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