For the past six weeks, I’ve been focused on starting seeds indoors to get a jump-start on the growing season. So far, things seem to be going pretty well, but I have learned a few important lessons.

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February was something fierce, I’ll tell you that straight up. Note to self and everyone else. I need to get the heck out of Michigan in mid-February and head for the tropics for at least a full week. After the mid-month mark, I just didn’t feel like doing much of anything.

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Flash back to 2010 or 2011 and you’re looking at the last time I attempted to grow flowers from seeds indoors. I’m not sure what happened, but I gave up…

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All of a sudden hellebores are everywhere I turn. Facebook. Instagram. Magazines. They’ve even recently come up in  conversation with a friend. I read about them in a book more than a year ago and honestly didn’t give them a second thought. These flowers seem to be relentlessly trying to get my attention and interest, they have it now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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This next step in the garden planning phase may look different depending on your gardening goals, items you’ve placed on your wish list, and how much knowledge you have of where these plants/flowers/vegetables will take root.

If you are already familiar with the growing conditions and space in the garden is not a concern to you, the next best step is determining if you want/need plants or seeds. Some varieties may only be available in a certain form, so the decision may be an automatic one depending on what you want to grow. For example, I’ve looked at greenhouses for sweet pea plants with no success, so the only option is to grow from seed if I want them. Seeds it is!

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Now that you have your gardening goal(s) defined, the next step involves finding inspiration and putting together a wish list of items you love. At this point, we’re not concerned with figuring out if these plants/flowers/vegetables are a fit for your yard just yet. Find the stuff you love.

If your gardening goal is to have hydrangeas this year, do some research on hydrangea varieties that interest you. Do you like Oakleaf, PeeGee, Annabelle, or Lacecap? Is there a specific color that you are drawn to more than others?

As you discover the plants you like, jot them down somewhere, bookmark them, pin them to a Pinterest board, print them on a physical mood board, whatever tool you like so you can reference them later. I love performing this exercise in the winter; it takes my mind off of the snow and cold weather.

If you have zero clue on where to start, give these options a go:

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January is in full swing and February will be here before you know it. More snow has hit Metro Detroit this week and I’m already dreaming of spring. These cloudy, gray days will take their toll on me and I will be craving sun, blue skies, and a yard full of flowers. The middle of winter is the perfect time to find inspiration for your spring and summer gardens.

There are quite a few things to tackle on this topic, so I’ll break it up into smaller parts over a series of blog posts. The first step should be to figure out your gardening goal(s).

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